Mission Statement

Our deepest purpose is to give your pup a tasty and healthy hand baked treat that will put a smile on both of you while traveling together or when you finally come back home from your travels.


"I recently purchased a bag of Chicken Souvetreats from Rüfus Du Go, I am impressed by how much my two Beagles (Bonny and Billy) loved it. Somehow they know when I come back home with their treats. I can’t recommend [Rüfus Du Go] enough for this healthy treats for my “kids”. ;-)"
Gio Colbertaldo
"I’m so happy I found Rüfus souvetreats, I’m on the run and busy all the time, It's so cool to just grab and go healthy treats for my Tibet, she’s a rescue, she had it really rough the first couple years of her life, but now she’s healthy and a very loyal lovely doberman mix."
Angie O
"I love healthy choices, for me and my family, my boys Bruno (yellow lab mix) and Kimmo (Boston Terrier) are part of my family, they love the beef souvetreats, and I love to see them happy and their fur looks awesome."
Marcus P
Handmade for the Trailblazers & Wanderers

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